Dearest Grammar Parents, Friends, and extended families, we are thrilled to be able to invite you to our Great Grammar Fair - a celebration of our fabulous Grammar community. Gates shall open at 2.30pm so you can collect your wrist bands, maps and perhaps a bite to eat, in preparation for our Carnival which starts at 3pm and concludes at 6pm. 


Cowper Field shall be brimming with amusement rides, slides and more! The Basketball Court shall host the Primary Laserwarrior Games (years 3-6 and beyond, perhaps a parents vs progeny game anyone?), whilst the Infants Laserwarrior Games shall take place on Cowper. Watch out for the stellar dunkees - as our teachers and coaches step up to be dunked in the Dunk Tank. Hold a tiliqua rugosa (better known as a shingleback skink) and distinguish its head from its tail, amongst many other lizards, frogs, turtles, snakes, and insects at the marvellous Feature Creatures Exhibit.

Test your mettle at our HOLEY MOLEY: Its Shrek's Mini Golf 18-hole course. Get your face painted, your arm tattooed, create a masterpiece, or paint a plaster cast at our Kids Creation Zone.   

Feeling hungry? Fear not, you shall find burgers, sausages, pies, and cold drinks at the Cowper Deli (at the rotunda)Pizzas, fruit cups and drinks at the Great Grammar Trattoria (in the tuckshop); Cakes, slices, popcorn, jelly cups, cordials and Pure Gelato ice creams and sorbets at Carrington's Cafe (in the covered courtyard outside tuck).


Finally, the day shall conclude with the Great Grammar School Dance 6.30pm to 7.30pm. Watch the boys strut the choreographed moves they have perfected this term and last during sports classes, led by the sensational team at RedED.  Siblings and parents most welcome to join in the frolicking fray!


A day guaranteed to linger long in the memories of all that attend - ensure you secure your attendance and purchase your tickets today! 


Contacts: Thanh Wechsler 0418 472030,  Huey Sit 0428 080256, Nat Snyman 0410 491490, Stana Faulkner 0404 804971

Rides / Attractions

Rock Climbing Wall

Ages 4 years old to Adult


The Rock Climbing Wall can accommodate up to four climbers at once and allows for different levels of difficulty.  


Race your friend to the buzzer at the top or take a leisurely climb and check out the views across the school!


Ages 4 years to Adult


The Chair-O-Plane, Swinging Chairs, Flying Swings, Windjammer ... call it what you like, this is one of the favourite rides of all time!


This amusement has a total of 10 flying chairs, and each can hold up to 3 kids, or 1 kids and 1 adult!


Atomic Drop Dry Slide

Ages 4 years old to Adult


Climb the ladder to the top of this towering big blue wave and then race down the adrenaline pumping slide!

Mega Olympic Obstacle Course

All Ages


Race your family and friends through squeeze tubes, crawl barrels and climbing walls before turning a 180 degree bend and facing a 5m climb and slide out of the game!

Ninja Run Obstacle Course

All Ages


Ninja Warrior comes to Grammar!  Race your opponent through the squeeze sections, bish-bash arms and climb and slide panels for the fastest time!


Bungee Trampoline EXTREME

Ages 5 years old to Adult


Feel like you can fly!!


Do vertical jumps or tumble flips off specially designed inflatable trampolines while safely attached to a special bungee harness.


Dunking Machine

All Ages


Keep your eye on the target as our teachers and coaches step up to be dunked in the Dunk Tank.


Timetable of Dunk Tank Stellar Dunkees:
3:00pm                        Mrs. Chapman
3:30pm                        Mr. Maunder
4:00pm                        Mr. Gyngell
4:30pm                        Mr. Germaine
5:00pm                        Mrs. Higgins

5:15pm                 Mr Balkin
5:30pm                        Mr. Fraser


Laser Tag

All Ages


Primary Laserwarrior Games

Years 3-6 and beyond, perhaps a parents vs progeny game anyone?


Infants Laserwarrior Games

Year 2 and younger shall take place on Cowper.


Holey Moley

All Ages


Putt-putt fun for everyone on Shrek's Mini Golf 18-hole course.

Feature Creatures

All Ages


Hands on reptile display with the fabulous team at Feature Creatures 

Kids Zone

All Ages


Fun for the kids and the big kids who are young at heart!  Face painting, temporary tattoos and a craft centre


Outdoor Games

All Ages


Test your game skills on our Giant Jenga, Giant Mikado, Cornhole and a whole lot more!

Fire Truck

All Ages


Come and explore a fire truck and see first hand what our wonderful firefighters do to protect our homes during the summer months.

Great Grammar School Dance

All Ages


Conclude your day with the Annual School Dance led by REDed!



Auction Items

Headmaster Experience with Three Friends

It will indeed be a good morning when your son wakes up knowing he gets to spend time with Mr Stephens in his office. 


Including a photo at the helm of his desk, a private behind the scenes tour of the school and lunch with Mr Stephens. 


He also gets to choose two friends to enjoy this incredible experience with. 

Class Pizza Lunch with Mr Stephens

This experience is guaranteed to make your son a very happy chappy! 


To secure this unique and very special experience, why not consider bidding on this item with other parents from your boy’s class to increase your chances.

Gold Class Family Ticket to Term 4 Concert with Parking

By placing the highest bid on this experience, you will secure highly coveted front row seats for you and your family (up to 4) at the Term 4 concert. 


In addition to this, you will be given VIP parking.  This offer is available for one concert only.



** Wrist bands shall be issued and must be worn to gain admittance. 


Do you know you can simply and easily make a valuable contribution to your son's learning, share in the spirit of the wonderful SGS community, and have a load of fun, all at the same time? Volunteer your help for the Great Grammar Fair!!


While preparations are well underway for the big event, its ultimate success depends on the generous help of parent volunteers. Volunteers are needed to assist in the lead up to the event, as well as on the day itself. There are also year group designated tasks.


So please join in the fun and sign yourself up. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Please Sign Up Below:-


Friday 27 October: Working Bee / Prep for GGF

(8:30am-10:30am, 10:30am-12:30pm, 1:30pm - 2:30pm)


Set Up

(9:30am - 11:30am, 11:30am - 1:30pm, 1:30pm - 3:30pm)



Pack Up & Clean

(6pm - 8pm)



Sunday 29 October: Pack Up & Clean

(9am - 11am)



Preschool & Kindy: Kids Creation Zone


Years 1 & 2: Games Zone


Year 3: Holey Moley


Year 4: Carrington's Cafe


Year 5: Information & Welcome Stand


Year 6: Great Grammar Trattoria

Calling all bakers!  If you are able to contribute to the Great Grammar Fair SGS PA Cake Stall please register HERE.

Cake boxes are available from the School Office – a gentle reminder, please list ingredients on the front of the box – thank you!



Please ensure that you drive and park legally, with courtesy and respect for other road users and local residents. There should be as little impact on the residents’ access and movement as possible.

Gates in Ayres Road and Mawson Street will be open from 2:30pm on the day. The only gates open will be the Main Entrance in Ayres Road (Gate 4), Lower Mawson Street Gate (Gate 17) and the P-2 Driveway (Gate 10).

Car-pooling is strongly recommend as an option to reduce traffic and suggest that you consider parking as far away from the School as possible, for example, in Ayres Road on the other side of Mona Vale Road. 

There is also parking in Ayres Road and Mawson Street, but spots are limited. Residents’ access and convenience needs to be considered at all times. Please do not do a three-point turn under any circumstances. If you need to turn around, please proceed to the bottom of the School and use the bus turning circle to come back up Ayres Road. If Ayres Road appears crowded as you attempt to enter from Mona Vale Road, please go elsewhere to find a spot.

There will also be a limited amount of parking (about 40 spots) within the upper car park area in Ayres Rd. Enter via the P-2 Driveway Exit Gate (Gate 10) in Ayres Rd and proceed to the parking area. Please only park in marked spots and be alert for pedestrians and children. Please follow all instructions from the traffic wardens supervising throughout the day.

Please do not park in:
•    The estate in Hillcrest Avenue, as this is a private road
•    The 3-6 bus turning circle
•    Staff parking near the 3-6 bus turning circle
•    Staff parking in front of the Main Office
•    Staff parking near the P-2 Driveway in Ayres Rd  


Photos will be taken throughout the afternoon to be used in the Sydney Grammar School St Ives Preparatory School Parents' Association Newsletter and Website and Sydney Grammar School Website. If you have any queries, please contact the Event Organisers.